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Julie Paradise, Owner

Julie comes from a corporate Project Management background, and had a lot of fun in the games industry. Now she is putting her PM skills to work running Bin There Dump That in Massachusetts with her husband Mike. When not in her office or at a networking event, Julie enjoys travelling with her family and making award-winning potato salad. Let her know if you think you need a bin, and she will make sure you get the right one!


Mike Paradise, Owner

After spending 28 years in a corporate job, Mike has embraced getting back to his roots in the great outdoors. Taking on the role of our first Delivery Expert, Mike was able to use his extensive driving skills for delivering our clean and green bins to neighborhoods across MA. Now Mike is Chief Operating Officer, and our delivery experts couldn`t ask for a better teacher. In his spare time, Mike is the ultimate fun dad and loves spending time with his family.


Anthony Knowles, Delivery Expert

Anthony joined the team in 2015 as our very first employee and delivery expert. He left for a short while, but just couldn``t stay away. Anthony is a Fitchburg resident and full-time firefighter, and is a valuable asset to BTDT for all things Fitchburg. He is a newlywed who enjoys travel. Anthony is a veteran of the Marine Corp and is conscientious, caring, and considerate. You might want to book a bin just to have Anthony stop by and say hi.


Emily Graf, Dumpster Consultant/Office Manager

Emily joined our team back in 2015. Her background is rooted in the healthcare field and she has a passion for helping others. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with family & friends, and most of all her daughter. Yon won`t miss Emily`s sweet charm when she answers the phone for one of her valued customers!


Matt Tucker, Delivery Expert

Matt has been with the team since 2015, when he replaced his suit and tie for Bin There green. Matt is an expert at giving great customer advice and knowing the best place for your bin. When not delivering the friendly, Matt spends time as a DJ with his brother, and in the Spring is an umpire for the kids in his home town of Hudson. Matt is the ultimate Mr Clean guy in a trashy business!


Jay Roy, Delivery Expert

Mr. Jay Roy joined the BTDT team in 2016, and comes to us from the Fitchburg Fire Department. When he isn`t picking things up and putting them down, Jay is a full-time firefighter and lifetime Fitchburg resident. Jay enjoys travel to exotic lands, and when he is still looking for something else to do, he is involved with his latest hobby of flying drones and creating really cool videos. Watch for flyovers above your bin!

St. Petersburg

Matt Fraticelli, Delivery Expert

Frat started with BTDT in September of 2016. When your bin is delivered or picked up by Frat, you can count on careful and conscientious expertise. Frat is a full-time Fitchburg firefighter and lives in Westminster with his family. Frat enjoys Disney vacations with the fam and is a loving and caring father to his little ones.


Jude Lambert, Delivery Expert

Starting in 2017, Jude joined the team and quickly became a valuable member of the BTDT staff. His positive attitude, willingness to help, and suggestions for improvement make him a pleasure to have around. Jude is a Fitchburg firefighter, and when he isn`t in a BTDT truck or fire engine, he is cooking or enjoying the outdoors when hunting season rolls around.

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